Lumene, a natural skincare brand, has been harnessing the power of unique fruits grown under the Northern Lights and the purity of Finnish nature since 1970. Their miracle formulas are expertly crafted using ingredients sourced from Finland's organic certified forests and the purest water in the world, the Arctic Spring Water, as recognized by UNESCO.

Lumene's commitment to naturalness and effectiveness is unwavering. Their products are composed of over 80% natural ingredients, with some formulas containing up to 99%. Their formulas are free from unnecessary additives such as parabens, and SLS*. Lumene's skincare products are entirely vegan and not tested on animals, reflecting their friendly approach towards living creatures and nature. All the raw materials used in Lumene's products are sourced from organic certified forests in Finland, where they are handpicked at their ideal harvest time to ensure the highest antioxidant content.

Lumene's focus on ecological responsibility and production efficiency is evident through their extraction process, where they extract the most from each raw material. It is no wonder why Lumene's innovative skincare products are among the most sought-after products globally, as they offer not only effectiveness but also purity and naturalness.
*Except ort he Cleansing Foam with Arctic Spring Water.


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