About Us

About Us

About Us?

Kozmoklinik is a leading distributor in Turkiye that specializes in understanding the needs and expectations of its customers in the local market and adressing these with worldwide famous cosmetics brands in the portfolio. What sets Kozmoklinik apart from traditional distributors is our 360° marketing approach, which ensures the sustainable growth of the brands in terms of sales and brand awareness. Our marketing professionals focus on creating unique marketing strategies and plans for each brand. As a reliable and professional company that provides innovative marketing solutions and has a successful track record of growth and expansion and with a strong network and unique approach, we are working for continued success and long-term growth. After 20years of experience in cosmetics, Kozmoklinik stepped into creating own cosmetics brands focusing on targeted solutions such as acne, cellulite and hair problems with clinically proven efficient formulas. As we continue investing in brand and product development, we are passionate about adding worldwide famous cosmetic brands to our portfolio.


Kozmoklinik aims to provide brands, that add value to the cosmetic sector in Turkey by offering high-quality products to Turkish consumers and becoming the number one personal care distributor. 


Kozmoklinik’s mission is to have its result-oriented-quality brands meet with the right consumers at the right point of purchase by developing contemporary, long-term based, and detailed marketing and sales strategies.

What Makes Us Unıque

Result-Oriented Brand Portfolio that strengthens our credibility and trust among our clientele and consumers.
360° Professional Marketing that is aimed to create strong and continued demand for our products. 
Productivity with its institutionalized structure, all-in-house professionals, highly active & qualified as well as dedicated team members and departments.
Consistent and Healthy Growth by determining opportunities and needs in the market, supplying the right products through the right retail channels to all potential consumers. 
Respect and Credibility with our result-oriented brands and customer satisfaction-oriented sales team and policies. 
Education and Training of every personnel of our company as well as our retailers that are involved in every step of our operation starting from the sell-in to sell-out.
Financial Strength enables us to continuously grow our business using our own capital without using any bank loans and letters of credit for our imports. All imports are paid cash in advance with a special cash payment discount.


We have a dedicated sales team for each channel, with key accounts being treated with a special focus. Our team is customer-oriented, passionate for success, and trusts in the quality of their service and company. Our strong network has established a credible and trusting relationship at a personal level with all retail channels. Kozmoklinik's 20 years of experience and know-how concerning personal care products in Turkiye sets us apart from others, making us a trusted distributor among retailers such as health & beauty, pharmacies, mass food, selective perfumeries, mass perfumeries, department stores, and other retail channels that carry cosmetics brands.We also have direct connections and a strong network with major distributors in neighboring countries and the regions through mutual meetings and international conferences.

Marketing & PR

Our dedicated Marketing and in-house PR Teams consists of the leaders in the industry, providing sophisticated PR, marketing, and professional brand representation services and activities. We assign an exclusive brand manager for each of our brands, making sure that each product is treated with a special focus. Kozmoklinik is one of the leading distributor in Turkiye with the highest PR coverage among all media channels, surpassing even L'Oreal or Estee Lauder's total brands in the past years.
Marketing activities for all our brands focus mainly on effective ATL and BTL support, aggressive PR and consistent advertising with the highest coverage vs. competitors, quality marketing and merchandising materials, informative brochures, leaflets, motivational promotions for retailers, promotional activities for consumers, and beautician teams at POS and free product/trial sessions to increase sales uplift

Creative Department

At Kozmoklinik, we take pride in our talented in-house creative department, composed of a skilled team of professionals dedicated to bringing brands’ visions to life. Led by our experienced Art Director, our department synergizes the power of artistic vision and technical expertise to deliver captivating designs that reflect the essence of the brands that we represent. Our passionate Graphic Designers possess a keen eye for detail, translating concepts into visually stunning graphics, packaging designs, and promotional materials. Complementing their efforts, our team of Social Media Creators excels in crafting compelling content for various online platforms, ensuring the brand's story resonates with our target audience in line with the brand’s global guidelines. Together, they collaborate seamlessly, leveraging their expertise to create engaging visuals and captivating campaigns that elevate our brands presence and help our marketing team stand out with our brands in the competitive cosmetics industry.

Internal Audits

Our Internal Audit Department is responsible for ensuring that Kozmoklinik® activities are effective, economical, efficient and in compliance with relevant policies, procedures and laws. At the same time, it also supervises the integrity and reliability of the reports and the compliance of the activities concerning the protection of assets with the basic procedures and principles.

Human Resources

Our Human Resources Department selects and places suitable team members in all departments in line with the corporate culture and vision. Field of activity; covers issues such as wages and determination of fringe benefits, corporate performance and career management, training, measurement of employee satisfaction, and allocation of social and administrative services.

Administrative Affairs

Our Administrative Affairs Department is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the facilities, budget management, supply of materials, vehicle fleet management, security, safety, hygiene, archiving, postal affairs, welcoming and similar services and processes. In all these stages, it ensures that corporate and official policies are respected.

Information Processing

Our Information Processing (IT) Department is responsible for providing the necessary hardware and software for storing information, accessing and processing this information securely. Furthermore, it provides services aimed at business process automation, customer connectivity and productivity enhancement in order to assist in the implementation of business strategies.


Our logistics division With its over 3.000 m² of storing space, is located in Istanbul, a district that is in the middle of major highway hubs. Our warehouse is directly owned and operated by us, ensuring quick adaptation to changing conditions in the market, quick response to customers' requests, and quick delivery of orders. All warehousing, order processing, and packaging operations are handled by our in-house team, no service is outsourced.  Orders are received via internet, our B2B site or by our sales representatives in the field using their tablet PCs with real-time order processing software developed for Kozmoklinik. Orders to cities within 600km distance are delivered within 24 hours and to cities with more than 600km distance are delivered within max. 48 hours. Orders to accounts in Istanbul are delivered by a locally specialized cosmetics courier and to outside of Istanbul by a leading national courier company.




Suadiye, Plaj Yolu Sk. Park B Blok No:18, 34740 Kadıköy/İstanbul